Dr. Martínez

Molding Clinic is a Cosmetic Surgery Center located in Tijuana, Mexico. Our founder, Dr. Jose Martin Martinez Castañeda is a Cosmetic Surgeon with more than 20 years of experience, and has performed over 9,500 surgeries.

Dr. Martinez licenses:

General license: 19447708
Master’s license: 09133459
Specialty license: 10237267

This is our Clinic

All the services you need in one place! Our facilities have been built to offer our patients a complete service without leaving the complex: from getting your blood tests to getting your post-surgery massages. All that with the cleanest and most modern facilities that the city can offer.

All Aesthetics

The Clinic consists of 2 consulting areas, 2 surgery rooms and 4 recovery rooms. The hyperbaric chamber is also part of our facilities, ideal to improve and accelerate the recovery process (you can read about all of its benefits in our Non-Surgical Procedures section).

Hi doctor! I´m loving my profile!
Hello, this is Sisi-J Wanted to thank you so very much for the transformation you gave to my body it came out absolutely beautiful. It was my dream to see myself again with a Nice Slim figure J want to say you are a doctor with “Golden Hands” and may God always Bless you! I also like to thank your staff and the doctor anesthesiologist a your office they are all very professional and friendly. Mil Gracias.
SISI J Patient
”I love my dody after Mommy Makeover surgery its very nice and I have fill god right now because its s totally different shape, and I want to say thank you Dr. Martínez, you did great and amazing job on me.”
BELSAM Patient
Thank you for everything you guys have done for me loving my results more and more everyday. Client for life.
KARLA C Patient
Dr. Martínez is an amazing Doctor, not only is he a sweet herat and make you feel so confortable but he is an expert at what he does. I´ve had lipo and BBL. Staff was professional and inviting. I felt very confortable with Dr and staff. Very pleased with service provided Honestly Recommend.

Our cosmetic surgeries are performed with the best technology and latest techniques, combined to offer you the best results as each procedure is personalized according to your needs. We offer you the best quality and professionalism, to give you the body you’ve always wanted. We always bear in ind that your health is the most important thing.

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