What is a Hyperbaric Chamber?

The Hyperbaric Chamber is an oxygen therapy that results in multiple health benefits. It is made of steel plates with a hermetic seal adapted to resist inside of it the gradually increased pressure and decompression with purified air.

What are the benefits?

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can increase up to 28 times the blood oxygenation. Some of its health benefits include:

– Revitalizes and restores the body’s biological clock.

– Rest and relaxation.

– Reduces stress.

– Increases physical potential, exercise capacity and improves the cardiovascular system.

– Reduces insomnia, achieving a deep sleep.

– Reduces hypertension.

– Combats the signs of chronic fatigue.

– Sharpens your eyesight.

– Revitalizes the sexual appetite.

– Increases memory and sharpens concentration.

– Restores the immune system.

– It works as a weight reducer and balances metabolism.


For patients who have had recent surgeries, it helps accelerate the healing process in a significant amount of time.

How does it work?

The treatment is individual: the patient is introduced inside the Hyperbaric Chamber for around 50 minutes. It’s recommended to be used it in a weekly basis.

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