What is a Mastopexy?

The Mastopexy, known as Breast Reduction or Breast Surgery, is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgeries in the United States. It can dramatically improve the appearance of the breasts. With this procedure, the patient can reduce the size of her breasts, lift them and match them in size, position and shape.

This procedure lasts about 1 to 3 hours.

Who is the Ideal Patient?

The ideal candidates are patients that have any abnormality in the mammary glands, and consequently, one breast bigger than the other. Also, women with big breasts are ideal patients for this procedure, as well as women with breasts that have lost their shape due to the age, the weight of these or the use of inappropriate clothing that help support the breasts.

This procedure is also ideal for patients that have breast flaccidness due to preagnancies, drastic weight loss or breast-feeding.

How is it performed?

This cosmetic surgery consists in raising the sagging breasts upon the chest of the patient, by changing and modifying its size, contour, and elevation. Breast implants are also included, in order to regain its natural, young appearance. The implants we use at Molding Clinic are life-time guaranteed, FDA approved and made of cohesive gel, the newest and best material available for implants.

This is an outpatient surgery (also known as ambulatory sugrery), which means you can go back home the same day of the procedure.

The surgery lasts around 1 hour and you must be on observation for approximately 4 hours.

Recovery Process

Recovery is around 2 weeks long, and you’ll start seeing final results between 3 weeks and 1 month after the procedure, once your body has completely recovered, but you will begin to see results around the 7th day after the surgery. You must attend to a check-up consultation 7 days after the procedure.

In order to obtain the expected results, the use of garment is mandatory during the fist 2 months. Lymphatic drainage massages are recommended to reduce inflamation in a faster, more precise way.

Before & After

Any further Questions About BLEPHAROPLASTY?

Our cosmetic surgeries are performed with the best technology and latest techniques, combined to offer you the best results as each procedure is personalized according to your needs. We offer you the best quality and professionalism, to give you the body you’ve always wanted. We always bear in ind that your health is the most important thing.